People have been using CBD from pre-historic period and also using their medical properties for treating a number of ailments. However, in modern times, we have started learning about various benefits of CBD only from past few years.

There is another cousin of CBD which is known as CBDA, which is also creating lots of sensation nowadays. You can also obtain CBDA concentrate from FluxxLab for highest potency and availability.

What is CBDA?

Most of you perhaps are not aware that CBDA is the parent of the well-known CBD. CBDA usually means cannabidiolic acid, and its molecule is very closely related to the CBD.

CBDA is also known as carboxylic acid, which means its structure contains carboxyl group which comprises of one atom of carbon, one atom of hydrogen, and two atoms of oxygen and the chemical formula is COOH.

If its molecule is subjected to high temperature, then it breaks up into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. What you get at the end is CBD.

Though the process is natural however it happens very slowly. However, as you smoke cannabis by heating it in vaporizer, or try to bake it in oven, you can speed up this process significantly.

Is there any difference between CBDA and CBD?

If you look at their chemical structure then both CBDA and CBD will be similar however CBDA will contain COOH group which will be removed with decarboxylation process.

It is believed by many scientists, that CBD is biologically more active as compared to CBDA and hence its popularity is more as far as its use as supplements and health products are concerned.

CBDA is also not completely inert but as per the research reports, the benefits of CBDA is not so widespread like CBD. Let us see few benefits that CBDA too can offer to us.

  • Cancer

Researcher shave found that breast cancer patients can get immense benefits from CBDA. It can help in preventing the spread of cancer cells within the body.

  • Inflammatory conditions

CBDA too has got the anti-inflammatory property almost similar to CBD, though further studies need to be done in this regard.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Lots of researches have been going on with CBDA about using CBDA for treating nausea and vomiting and promising results have been found. It can also be more effective than even CBD.

  • Mental wellbeing

Though enough evidences have not yet been found about its effect on anxiety and stress related issues however, researchers are hopeful that it can prove to be beneficial.

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