A root canal treatment involves extracting the diseased pulp from the tooth’s root. Pulp infection, caused by decay or a fracture in the tooth, necessitates this procedure. 

You should be aware of root canal treatment while getting treated at a Tukwila dentist. Before you receive a root canal, be sure you know these eight things:

What is a root canal treatment?

The pulp, which is inside a tooth, is removed from the root. Pulp is the term used to describe the soft inner layer of a tooth that contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. Toothaches, pain, swelling, and inflammation are all symptoms of infected pulp.

In what ways is a root canal procedure necessary?

Additional warning signals that a root canal may be necessary are:

  • Tooth pain when exposed to extremes of temperature
  • Experiencing pain when biting
  • Redness or swelling surrounding the tooth
  • The onset and maintenance of an unpleasant aftertaste

What is the process of performing a root canal treatment?

Dentists or endodontists perform root canals. The dentist will use an anesthetic to make the area around the tooth painless. The diseased pulp can be extracted after a small hole is drilled into the tooth. The next step is to clean and seal the root canal.

How much time is required for a root canal procedure?

The average time required for a root canal treatment is one to two hours. It can take more time, though, if the tooth is severely injured.

What is the pain level of a root canal?

Because the dentist will numb the region surrounding the tooth, you will not feel a thing while the process progresses. But thereafter, you could feel a little queasy.

What are the potential side effects of getting a root canal? 

Root canal treatments rarely pose any kind of risk. A tiny chance of infection, nerve injury, or tooth fracture does exist, though.

How long does the healing process typically take when a tooth gets a root canal?

Root canals often take a few weeks to heal. But it could be a while before the tooth feels normal again.

Outside of getting a root canal, what other options are there?

Tooth extraction is another option for root canal treatment. Nevertheless, the adjacent teeth and bone can sustain injury during tooth extraction. Issues with speaking and chewing may also result. It is crucial that you get help from your dentist today.

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