The challenge for many aging parents is how to provide their children with enough liquid nutritional support – both to help them feel full and help them meet their daily nutritional requirements. With increasing age, metabolism begins to slow down, digestion slows down, and the body becomes more sensitive to the foods we eat.

Although our bodies are capable of getting the nutrients we need, our bodies are not as efficient as they used to be and absorption of nutrients from our daily diet, even the most basic ones, becomes less efficient. Liquid nutritional supplements can help older parents keep full, balanced nutrition just for life’s sake.

Zemvelo Liquid Minerals and Vitamins have become a very popular alternative to whole foods because they are easy to swallow, don’t take up space, and don’t have to be refrigerated. These drinks take no preparation, require no mixing, and don’t tolerate the unwanted effects of empty calories – all while meeting your loved ones’ new liquid nutritional needs.

No matter what type of liquid nutritional supplement you choose to provide your child with, it will provide them with a well-balanced diet, plenty of the essential vitamins and minerals, all the calories they need, without empty calories, and a way to satisfy their hunger pangs without packing on the pounds. Whether you choose rice cakes, fruit bouquets, watermelon rinds, or honey mustard oatmeal cookies, your loved one will be happy and healthy.

When planning meals for your older family members, keep in mind that they will usually prefer the lighter, less fattening versions of the foods you serve them. If you serve them lots of starchy carbohydrates such as bread and pasta, you will find that they have very little energy left over to burn, especially if they’ve been having a tough time digesting solid foods.

If you want to keep them feeling healthy, plan meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins (such as chicken and fish), whole grains, and lots of fiber – no white flour. If you give them liquid nutritional supplements instead, these nutrients will go a long way to meeting their nutritional needs. If you think your older family members are suffering from poor nutrition – even vitamin deficiencies – talk them into a daily tablet of Orlistat, a pill of Vitamin D, and a bottle of supplements every day.


Liquid nutritional supplements are not only good for health but also for your wallet as well. A lot of people use liquid supplements as a way to reduce their prescription pills dosage or cut their gym membership cost.

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