While it is easy to hide the signs of aging that are located in the other parts of the body, it can be hard to conceal them when they occur on the face.  Hence, there are people who turn to aesthetic procedures to fix these symptoms and keep their faces looking fresh and younger looking. One of the facial features that gets easily noticed is our set of eyes. Having a pair of “old and tired” looking eyes can be unsightly and make you look like older than your actual age. Eyelid lift in Singapore is a sought after procedure to combat aging, especially in TES Clinic.

If you are thinking about getting an eyelid lift, but are having second thoughts whether the procedure is actually worth your time, effort, and money, you have come to the right space. This article will discuss the following topics about eyelid lift:

  1. What is eyelid lift?
  2. Why is eyelid lift needed?
  3. What is the best age to undergo an eyelid lift procedure?
  4. How is eyelid lift performed?
  5. Where can you go for an eyelid lift procedure in Singapore?

What is eyelid lift? 

Eyelid lift is a type of surgical procedure that is done to the upper and lower eyelids. Also known us Blepharoplasty, eyelid lift is performed for the removal of the excess skin in the upper eyelid and also to tighten the lower eyelids’ loose skin.

Why is eyelid lift needed? 

The reasons why eyelid lift is needed can be narrowed down into two main factors: aesthetic and functional.

As we age, our skin’s composition changes. Our upper and lower eyelids’ skin often exhibits the earliest signs of aging. It stretches, causing the muscles to weaken and the excess skin begin clumping around the upper and lower eyelid areas. The skin then droops due to the pull of gravity. As a result, the loose upper eyelid skin can cover a part of the eyes and cause vision problems. The lower eyelids, on the other hand, can bulge and sag caused by skin laxity and the fats that accumulate underneath the lower eyelids’ skin. These factors cause our eyes to look old. Eyelid lift can improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyes and keep it younger looking. Eyelid lifting can also be combined with double eyelid surgery. The combination of these two aesthetic procedure changes and improves the eyes shape, complimenting the other facial features in addition to having eyes that look youthful and fresh.

When it comes to function, the removal of the excess skin and fats around the eye area improves the eyes’ ability to see without any distractions that can be caused by saggy skin that hangs over the lashes of the eyes. 

What is the best age to undergo an eyelid procedure? 

Eyelid lift done on younger skin is more beneficial as it is more elastic as compared to older skin. This means that the healing of the skin is still at its prime and the results can age naturally over the course of time. Of course it does not mean that older people can no longer undergo eyelid lift. Having a highly experienced surgeon is your best bet to achieve the eyes that you dream to have without having to worry about your age.

How is eyelid lift performed? 

There are two ways to perform eyelid lift:

  1. Incisional Method
  2. Non-incisional Method

Incisional Method. This type of eyelid lift surgery is done by making an incision across the eyelid fold in order to reach and remove the unwanted and excess skin, fat, and muscle, which causes the drooping of the eyelid skin. Next, the elevator muscles in the eyelid is tightened resulting to the lifting of the eyelid. Once the desired height of the lift is achieved, the incision is stitched closed. To improve the appearance of the lower lid, the skin just under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid is cut open to remove the excess skin and fix the position of the fat before closing the incision with stitches.

Non-incisional Method. Also known as the scarless double eyelid procedure, this type of eyelid lift surgery is done by making tiny punctures along the upper eyelid fold where the stitches are inserted and pulled tight to create a double eyelid fold.

Depending on the type of the eyelid lift procedure that you are getting, it will take approximately 2 hours to do the surgery from start to finish. Here are the steps that you can expect in an eyelid lift surgery:

  1. Local anaesthesia will be applied to the treatment area together with oral sedation.
  2. Your doctor will work on the upper eyelids first, making cuts and removing all the excess skin, fats, and muscles – if the procedure follows the incisional method or create tiny holes in the skin and using stitches to fix the upper eyelid, when using the non-incisional method.
  3. After successfully removing all factors causing the eyelid droop, your doctor will stitch the opening or holes closed.
  4. Next, the lower eyelid is worked on, fixing its appearance and making it appear more younger by removing bulges and sagging skin.

To start your eyes’ recovery, your doctor will apply ointment on the treatment area and apply cold compress to keep the skin moisturized. Expect to have vision challenges as your eyes are healing. They may feel dry or watery and  your vision may be blurry. It is important that you have a companion with you during the day of your eyelid lift surgery as navigating your way anywhere will prove to be difficult as your eyes will be of little help after the surgery.

It is also important to be on the lookout for signs of complications, such as abnormal folding of the eyelids, any loss of vision, bleeding, dry eyes, discoloration of the eyes, inability to close the eyes fully, infection, inflammation, numbness, and pain. Contact your doctor immediately when these are present.

Where can you go for an eyelid lift procedure in Singapore? 

In Singapore, you can visit TES Clinic and know more about their eyelid lift procedures. TES Clinic is led by Dr Seah Te, an expert in performing Blepharoplasty.

TES Clinic – Dr Seah Tian Te

304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza Suites

#05-42, Medical Specialists

Singapore 238863


+65 6737 0552

+65 9735 9930

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