If you are new to the hybrid cannabis and want to discover various types of hybrids then you are on the right page. The hybrids are the breeds of major classes of cannabis Sativa and Indica.

The hybrid cannabis also known as hybrid strains provides a balance between Sativa and Indica effects. Chronic Therapy, located in Wheat Ridge and Cortez provides hybrid cannabis for recreational benefits, wherein you will have various strains depending on the specific mood you want to swing. There are strains to boost your energy and feel uplifted while some are to feel relaxed and sleepy.

Basics of Hybrid cannabis

The hybrid cannabis is a cross-breeding of plant genetics of varied Sativa and Indica strains. These strains are mixed to form super strains in such a way to get the maximum from both.

Mainly there are three categories of these type of strains as below:

  • Indica dominant: This is used for pain relief of full body and provide high-head feelings. The Indica dominant cannabis is – Tahoe OG, Kosher Kush, Skywalker OG, Blackberry Kush, Girl Scout cookies, Purple Urkle, SFV OG.
  • Sativa dominant: This is mainly used to provide a relaxing body and mind. The major cannabis of these types is – Sour Diesel, Juicy fruit, Mars OG, Headband, Nepture OG, Purple Trainwreck, J1.
  • Equal proportion of Indica & Sativa: In this equal amount of Indica and Sativa are used to get the perfect balance of head and body. The most common hybrid cannabis of this type is the White window, Cheese, Blue widow, Purple diesel, Blue dream, Super silver haze, XJ-13.


Based on the above categories, it is clear that in hybrid cannabis, you won’t get pure Sativa or pure Indica effects. You will get mix benefits of both of them based on dominance. Here are a few of the benefits of both the Sativa and Indica to enable you to choose the right ones depending on the mood swings you want to be.

Sativa feelings:

The feelings you will experience using Sativa strains are:

  • Head high
  • Stay focused
  • Ability to fight depression
  • Mood uplifting
  • Gain energy
  • Increase creativity
  • Stimulating your senses

Indica feelings:

  • Body high
  • Help in relieving pain & nausea
  • Deep relaxation
  • Help in sleeping
  • Provide appetite
  • Have a chilling breeze effect
  • Fight against stress and anxiety

Thus, if you are a beginner, the hybrid is the right option to choose since it provides both body and mind effects. You can use the Sativa dominant if you are having difficulty to cope up with daytime activities or else choose Indica dominant to switch off your brain, relax and have deep sleep and enjoy the sedative mood.

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