The debate surrounding the pros and cons of taking clenbuterol has been rekindled lately. Anabolic steroids, or ‘clot busters’, are a category of naturally occurring hormones that are used for various purposes, including bodybuilding, weight loss, and muscle building.

Their side effects include excessive sweating, sexual dysfunction, short stature, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Clot busters can be found in numerous bodybuilding and weight loss products such as protein powder, creatine, whey isolate, hydrolyzed protein, insulin, and progesterone. Since their introduction to the market, there have been many incidents of serious side effects being reported.

It’s difficult to find a position of strong opinion about whether these substances are useful or not. Some medical experts opine that their use is highly therapeutic; others claim that they are potentially fatal. Some believe that since they are naturally derived from body proteins, there is no obvious relationship between their use and any health problems.

Whatever the case may be, the problem of overuse of anabolic steroids (including clenbuterol) is a real and very grave situation. This article will briefly discuss the question of whether it is a legal alternative to using illegal steroids.

Since there is still much confusion and controversy surrounding the issue of whether or not anabolic steroids are legal, we’ll concentrate our attention here on how to buy clenbuterol, which is also known as Triactol.

Clenbuterol is an anabolic steroid that is available without a prescription through any online nutritional supplement vendor. The name of the substance is derived from its main component, triamphenol A. This substance is manufactured under strict conditions and is stored in controlled environments. The highest dosage of this compound is usually recommended to be taken once or twice per week.

As with many weight loss supplements, the idea behind this type of supplement is two-fold. To achieve fast weight loss, the user needs to boost the speed with which his or her muscles recover when they are exercised. For this purpose, anabolic steroids help the body recover faster from intense exercise by increasing the muscle growth rate and reducing the damage to the muscle that is done during strength training sessions.

In addition to helping in the quick weight loss plan, this weight loss supplement also helps people who may have a hard time losing fat, especially after working out. Clinically, this condition is called gynecomastia, which involves the development of male breasts.

By increasing the body’s testosterone levels, this steroid prevents the production of estrogen, which in turn prevents the development of female breast tissue. Women who use this steroid solution may find that their symptoms improve when they add a diet containing high amounts of protein to the regimen. Clenbuterol can be used to treat both gynecomastia and weight loss symptoms and is available in most health food stores.

While this weight loss product may prove useful, it should always be used under the supervision of a qualified physician. This is because even though this anabolic steroid may be quite effective, some serious side effects can occur if the user does not consult a doctor before taking this supplement.

One such side effect is liver damage, which can result in death if proper care is not taken. The only FDA-approved side effects associated with this anabolic herbal supplement are headaches, nasal congestion, diarrhea, and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms only last a few hours, which is why users need to consult a doctor right away if they see these symptoms.

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